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Short biography

“It feels as a timeless work that could fit in with friendly hits from the late sixties and seventies, as well as the need for something authentic and friendly for the ears living in 2013 and beyond” (about the single “Matthew Webb”-St.Polaroid)

St.Polaroid started in 2009 as a small soloproject. The main goal was to write beautiful and honest songs carried by stories and poems. Inspired by bands like Belle & Sebastian and Eels, St.Polaroid recorded two EP’s all by himself. After great reviews and shows the St.Polaroid project turned slowly into a small band. Armed with old keyboards, vintage drums and harmonies St.Polaroid likes to come your way.

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St. Polaroid is:

Eric (vocals, Guitar)
Marnix (Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Glockenspiel)
Pieter (Drums, Percussion, Glockenspiel)
Marieke (vocals, percussion)

Originaire des Pays-Bas, le groupe Polaroïd naît en 2009 et se veut l’auteur d’une musique folk pop qui vous rappelle sans mal les compositions légères et entêtantes de Eels. Deux EP et une album plus tard, ils arrivent à Stenay pour un concert unique. A découvrir et à écouter sans tarder.